Our administrative law practice spans decades, covering successful resolution of issues with the Kansas Insurance Department, Corporation Commission, Department of Revenue, and numerous agency boards and bodies. We have extensive experience in not only general insurance and business entities, but also in the area of health insurance, health care, hospitals, and many related issues. We have also worked with telecommunications firms, energy and other utility industries, as well as general economic development initiatives.

In the governmental affairs arena, our firm can advise and assist in the legislative process; perform services related to legislative, regulatory and political issues; and provide public relations and communications support with the Kansas Legislature, local governmental bodies, and other entities or agencies of Kansas state government and/or other decision-making bodies.

Throughout our decades of experience, we have drafted and successfully lobbied for the passage of hundreds of pieces of legislation. We have the technical skills required to develop and craft legislation, as well as the necessary relationships in all levels of state and local government to usher the passage of legislation.